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Dizingof is pissed... JohnD 6/17/13 4:39 PM
Looks like Dizingof, aka Asher Nahmias has gotten his knickers in a twist and selectively deleted all of his STL files from Thingiverse.  I understand his point, but it's entertaining to me that his solution to stop the two largest printer manufactures in the world from using his models is delete them from the source that made him popular in the first place....

Hopefully Asher will change his mind, and continue to make his models freely available...

"Due to these 2 corporations: 3D Systems Corp and Stratasys - 2 NASDAQ traded companies - infringing on my Intellectual Property of my designs, i have elected to removed ALL my files from Thingiverse and will upload them to my shop in time."
Re: [MakerBot] Dizingof is pissed... Shawn 6/17/13 4:42 PM
his models, his rules.  If people don't want to follow the rules...

BUT, I'd think he'd have more grounds to hit the infringers - especially
large organizations - with the lawyers than denying those who respected
the licenses.  I suspect though this is not an isolated case and things
were "brewing" for a bit...
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Re: [MakerBot] Dizingof is pissed... Jay 6/18/13 3:45 PM
I think one of the guys on here had his design used on an ad in China or Japan....and I'm pretty sure it was for the 3D Systems Cube....Cymon ? I can't remember who it was...

Re: Dizingof is pissed... Bryon Miller 6/19/13 7:07 AM
What did they actually do?

And Good for him, if his IP is being ripped off, he should take it down completely until he decides what he wants to do.  I don't want to discourage a great designer.
Re: Dizingof is pissed... Eric Robbins 6/19/13 8:49 AM
Wouldn't he have to go a legal route to stop them? They've already got the designs.
Re: Dizingof is pissed... Matthew Stonebraker 6/19/13 9:53 AM
Exactly. They already have the files. And they could just pay $15 to get any of them from behind his paywall and then use them as they please. What Dizingof is doing is financial, no other way about it. He used Thingiverse as a successful platform for years, and now he wants to get paid. I'm sure he is frustrated by big companies using his work without attribution, but that's not why he pulled his models from Thingiverse.
Re: Dizingof is pissed... Dizingof 6/19/13 5:41 PM
You are very wrong.

Even if you bought any of my paid design files you are NOT allowed to use it for commercial displays to showcase your products as 3D systems & Stratasys did without asking my permission nor placing attribution to designer - as per Creative Commons - Attribution - NON Commercial License. 

You should read this - https://twitter.com/publicknowledge/status/347386146931765248

#3dprinted #copyright infringement of @dizingof's sculptures is still copyright infringement:


You are also very wrong that i pulled my design files to get paid - as i stated at my thingiverse profile page i will upload them to my Ponoko.com page under the - Free Plans - section. In Time.

Just today Stratasys Executive VP for Business Development & Strategic Marketing - Dan Yalon - sent me an email offering me an apology and a $1000 in 3D printed worth of printed parts. I suggested that Stratasys donate the sum to "Yad Sarah", a charity organization to which he replied:
"Re Yad Sarah – absolutely. Happy to do this

This was my email to him:


Stratasys has recently displayed my design on RAPID show to showcase the Objet printers capabilities, without permission nor attribution as per Creative Commons License - Attribution NON COMMERCIAL.

Last year Stratasys UK did the same with another of my designs to showcase the high thermal material for Objet printers, again with no permission nor attribution to the designer and IP holder.

This along with your competitor 3D Systems doing the same thing recently, using my design to showcase their Cube 3d printer in a large show without permission made me remove ALL my shared designs from Thingiverse.com (a free content website crucial for Makerbot's core business..) and publish the reason for my move on social networks as well as to the 3d printing community.

Your token of a appreciation isn't required - Stratasys could however donate the sum to "Yad Sarah" on my behalf."

He replied:

"Point taken.

I am copying Arita, our VP Marketing from Israel, to ensure that we don’t do this (unintentionally!) again. And that if we want to use your designs – we approach you first for permission and of course attribute the object’s design to you.

 Re Yad Sarah – absolutely. Happy to do this.

 I reiterate my invitation for coffee."

Few hours later Bre, Makerbot's CEO tweeted: "Boom!" - Makerbot was acquired by very same Stratasys for $400-$600 million dollars which explains why makerbot staff weren't really able to offer me any legal or otherwise aid..

I sincerely hope Thingiverse.com stays a free sharing platform for all users and all types of 3d printers.

I'm out.

Re: Dizingof is pissed... JohnD 6/20/13 7:23 AM
Asher - love your work, and I think it's clear the CCbyA NC is pretty clearly violated when a commercial entity decided to use your CCbyA NC models in advertising.  I don't know the terms of the license under which you use for your "paid" models, nor was that the point of my post.

My concern was - and is - that you chose to impact that 99.9% of users who do respect your license and love your work to make a point to a company - MBI - who in no way *was* involved in the violation of your license - I'm still not sure what liability you think MBI would have with regard to the protection of licenses for items published on Thingiverse. 

In any event, I'm glad that Stratasys reached out to you and apologized, and further that you chose to have it donated to a charity as well - and I look forward to your new work.

I think that you will have the exact same problems regardless of where you publish your work, unfortunately, until more people understand licensing in the context of 3D printing these type of abuses will continue to occur.  I, however, do not think that this changes the fact that, you are the owner of the license, are at the one responsible for enforcing it...
Re: Dizingof is pissed... Bryon Miller 6/20/13 9:20 AM
Really?  I would be pissed off if my work was being used for someones benefit and they couldn't even be bothered to give me the credit.  I'd pull my designs if that were happening because these companies know to come to thingiverse in the first place and just take them.  Sure the items that were already made could have been "compromised", but the real value is in the designer, not the parts they make.  Thanks to the misuse of Dizingof's IP by way of these large companies, Dizingof's future designs will not be available via Thingiverse because this is where the compromise is occuring.  To that, I completely understand.  Dizingof, Protect your IP in any way you see fit.  Weather you want to generate revenue or not with your designs, it is your IP to do what you please with.
Re: Dizingof is pissed... JohnD 6/20/13 10:09 AM
So I'm again - obviously missing the point.  Dizingdof released something CCbyA NC on Thingiverse.  Someone downloaded it, and misused it.  Tomorrow if he does the same thing on Ponoko, how is that different when the same idiot downloads it and does the same thing?!

What exactly was "compromised" other than Dizingof's license?!  He owns it, not MBI!??
Re: Dizingof is pissed... TaErog 6/20/13 10:54 AM
I want to be sympathetic and I love your work BUT . .
I do not understand your actions vs the real but mistaken commercial use of one of your objects.
They did bad, (though obviously not maliciously), you call them on it and they went out of there way to apologize and make recompense.  Effectively the best result you could have.  The fact that different division of the company did it again shows that the first event did not propagate through the company as a whole, regrettable but not surprising as often different divisions operate in virtual solos and offen do not have all the cross talk most people think they have.
Again, given the quality of the work and the overall number I find it rather surprising this only happened 2-3 times and was so easily dealt with. 
So, the disconnect is, sure you have had some problems . . but why did that "force" you to effectively screw the vast majority of people just attempting to print your objects personally (with varying success) for fun? And why bone Thingiverse and MBI for another site? as both have nothing to do with the transgressions.
So again your actions seems rather kneejerk and needlessly unilateral harming for fans more then the very very very few that were the problem.  
"You are also very wrong that i pulled my design files to get paid - as i stated at my thingiverse profile page i will upload them to my Ponoko.com page under the - Free Plans - section. In Time."
The fact that you have 32 pages of objects on Ponoko.com and only 2 "free" ones . . . really seems suspect and is the source of why people think you just pulled them to get "paid"  this may not be that case but it looks otherwise.
I hope this gets all worked out . .