Net-SNMP 5.7 released! And we've moved to using Git!

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Net-SNMP 5.7 released! And we've moved to using Git! Wes Hardaker 7/3/11 5:26 PM

I'm happy to announce the release of version 5.7 of Net-SNMP!

  The NET-SNMP Development Team

Important Announcement About the Net-SNMP Project: SVN -> GIT

  The Net-SNMP project has switched this last week from our previous
  Subversion (SVN) code repository to a new Git repository.  If you were
  tracking our previous code development through the use of SVN you'll
  need to switch to pulling our updates from git instead.  Further
  information and instructions can be found at:

  The short answer to "what do I type now?" is:

     git clone git://

Contents of this announcement
  - What has Changed recently?
  - Where can I get it?
  - Are there binaries available?
  - What operating systems does it run on?
  - Which versions of the SNMP protocol are supported in this package?
  - I've found a bug or have a suggestion, how do I tell you about it?
  - What's the difference between UCD-SNMP and Net-SNMP?

What has Changed recently?

  The NEWS file snippits from these releases are as follows.  See the
  CHANGES and ChangeLog files for increasing levels of detail.  The
  following shows the NEWS file contents for the 5.7 release:


      - Delivery of data via regularily scheduled notifications.
        (see "Data Delivery via Notfiications" in snmpd.conf)
      - Many time-based config options can take (m)ins, (h)ours, ... arguments
        (see the snmpd.conf manual page)
      - The PING and TRACEROUTE MIBs now compile and work-ish on linux
      - Mib handlers can now implement a data_clone function for
        cloning the myvoid structure variable to avoid dangling pointers
      - Fixed persistent storage of VACM MIB configuration
      - Multi-homed agents send UDP responses from the proper IP address
      - the hrStorageTable implementation now supports large filesystems better
      - optimizations for large route tables
      - Added a deliveryByNotify config token for regular data delivery
        (see the snmpd.conf manual page and the NET-SNMP-PERIODIC-NOTIFY-MIB)
      - Patch 3141462: fix agentx subagent issues with multiple-object requests
      - [PATCH 3057093]: linux uses libpci for creating useful ifDescr strings
      - patch 3131397: from takevos: huge speedups of the TCP/UDP Tables

      - Removed the older CMU compatibility support
      - the SSH transport is now configurable

  TLS/DTLS support:
      - The SNMP over DTLS transport now properly supports IPv6
      - Introduced new configuration tokens: localCert/peerCert
        (deprecating serverCert, clientCert, defX509ServerPub, defX509ClientPub)
      - Various fixes for the TLS/DTLS transports

      - Added a per-variable timed output support to snmpwalk using -CT
      - snmpinform now correctly uses the local engineID for informs
      - A number of mib2c bug fixes
      - new snmp.conf tokens for timeouts and retries

      - New flags to reduce the amount of compiled code to bare minimums.
        This is provided by a new generic feature marking/selection mechanism.
      - It's now possible to build without SNMPv3/USM
        (e.g., if you only want TLS/DTLS with SNMPv3/TSM)
      - It's possible to build the suite with no SET support
        configure using --enable-read-only
      - It's possible to build the agent as a notify-only agent
        configure using --enable-notify-only
      - Added a script to test memory usage with various config options
        (see the local/minimalist/sizetests script)
      - Net-SNMP can now be built to perform local DNSSEC validation
        (install DNSSEC-Tools' libval and use --with-local-dnssec-validation)

      - a number of new API unit-tests have been added to the suite
        (to run the tests: cd testing && ./RUNFULLTESTS -g unit-tests)
      - The unit tests can be more easily run under valgrind
        (See for details)

      - Support for updating the routing table via SNMP

      - the testing suite works better under win32 environments
      - Many building fixes for the win32 environment(s)

      - Net-SNMP now supports the SCTP-MIB

  DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD8
      - Net-SNMP should now work on DragonFlyBSD and FreeBSD8

  And of course:
      - Many other bug fixes.  See the CHANGES and ChangeLog for details.

Where can I get it?

  Web page:
  Sourceforge Project page:

Are there binaries available?

  - Binaries do appear on our download site, but often are published a
    bit later than the normal source code.  Most of the binaries that
    are available have been linked with the OpenSSL package so you'll
    need a copy of it installed in order to use them.  If you don't
    have OpenSSL installed and don't want it installed, please get the
    net-snmp source release instead and built it yourself (but you'll
    loose support for SNMPv3 with SHA1 authentication and both DES and
    AES encryption).

What operating systems does it run on?

  Both the applications and the agent have been reported as running
  (at least in part) on the following operating systems:

        * Linux (kernels 2.6 to 1.3)
        * Solaris/SPARC (11 to 2.3), Solaris/Intel (10, 9) -- see
        * HP-UX (11.31 to 9.01) -- see README.hpux11
        * Mac OS X (10.5 to 10.1) -- see README.osX
        * NetBSD (2.0 to 1.0)
        * FreeBSD (7.0 to 2.2)
        * OpenBSD (4.0 to 2.6)
        * BSDi (4.0.1 to 2.1)
        * AIX (6.1, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, 4.3.3, 4.1.5, 3.2.5) -- see README.aix
        * IRIX (6.5 to 5.1)
        * OSF (4.0, 3.2 and Tru64 Unix 5.1B) -- see README.tru64
        * SunOS 4 (4.1.4 to 4.1.2)
        * Ultrix (4.5 to 4.2)
        * Dynix/PTX 4.4
        * QNX 6.2.1A

  See our FAQ at for more
  details on portability of the Net-SNMP package.

Which versions of the SNMP protocol are supported in this package?

  SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3 (including user-based (USM) support, TLS
  and DTLS-based support and an alpha implementation of
  kerberos-based and ssh-based support)

I've found a bug or have a suggestion, how do I tell you about it?

  Please submit the bug to our bug-tracking system at:

  Please submit patches (for features or bugs) to our patch-tracking
  system.  (You don't need to submit a big report as well, just a patch)

What's the difference between UCD-SNMP and Net-SNMP?

  Not a great deal, really.
  Although the project originally started at UC Davis (hence the name),
  and it has always been based there, most of the contributors have had
  little or no connection with this institution.

    The move to SourceForge was intended to provide a more flexible
  environment for the project, and to distribute the administrative
  workload more evenly.  The change of name simply reflects this move,
  which was the last remaining link with UC Davis.

    The 4.2.x line is the last release line that uses the ucd-snmp name,
  and all releases under this banner will be bug-fixes only.  Release
  5.0 is the first version using the net-snmp name, and all new features
  and significant development will be released under this name.
    (Though the dividing line between a bug-fix and a new feature is
  something of a vague one, so some changes in the 4.2.x line may be
  relatively non-trivial!)

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