Working with pagination for Campaigns

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Working with pagination for Campaigns landitus 5/2/12 4:25 PM
Hi! I'm having trouble setting the pagination for the Campaigns method.

I'm working with Codeigniter and the Mailchimp api v1.3. When setting:
$retval3 = $this->mcapi->campaigns(array('folder_id' => 1406), 0, 1000);
It shows up to 1000 campaigns. Good!

but when I set:
 $retval3 = $this->mcapi->campaigns(array('folder_id' => 1406), 25, 25);
 $retval3 = $this->mcapi->campaigns(array('folder_id' => 1406), 50, 25);
I get none!

I want to set a pagination system that shows 25 campaigns per page. The pagination is all set, but there's something I must be doing wrong, right?
Re: Working with pagination for Campaigns jesse 5/3/12 2:21 AM
The documentation is here:

As mentioned there, start is the zero based page number, limit is the page size. So if you don't have more than 625 campaigns in that folder that will correctly return nothing.