(on-line event) Chapter 4 of Innovator's DNA: Observing April 25

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(on-line event) Chapter 4 of Innovator's DNA: Observing April 25 Sean Murphy 4/25/12 11:32 AM

We continue  coverage “The Innovator’s DNA” by Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen, Clayton M. Christensen. We have a Jeff Allison, a former Engineering VP from Cisco and will explore tips and lessons learned developing observational skills. From page 96: “Most innovators generate business insights from two types of observation:

1. Watching people in different circumstances who are trying to do a job and gaining insight about what job they really want to get done.
2. Observing people, processes, companies, or technologies and seeing a solution that can be applied (perhaps with modification) in a different context.”

Other questions we will explore:

  • How Do You “Go Into the Wild” To Observe Customers In Their “Native Habitat”
  • How Do You Minimize Impact of Your Observing Changing Behavior?
  • Innovator’s DNA Suggests Three Things to Look For:Workarounds,Surprises, and Changes in Environment. What are tips for spotting these?

It's a roundtable discussion so please join us if you are interested in taking part today, Wed-Aprr-25-2012
https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/774720190 (we have setup dialins for 17 countries

  • 12:00 noon Pacific / 9:00 AM Hawaii
  • 1:00 PM Mountain / 2:00 AM Central
  •  3:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM London
  •  9:00 PM Paris/Berlin

More info at http://www.skmurphy.com/blog/2012/02/27/book-club-chapter-4-the-innovators-dna/

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