Help Harvesting Fruit!

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Help Harvesting Fruit! Sam Christy 8/16/13 9:02 AM
Hello LUrCers!

We REALLY need site coordinators and/or harvest leaders! We are now
into apple and pear season, and we have far too many sites to manage.
I get at least an email a day from owners asking us to come and
harvest new sites. All you need to do is check out the site, set a
date for harvesting and get a few people together.

If we can get enough apples this week, we might even be able to do a
cider pressing next weekend, possibly a really big cider pressing.
But in order to do this we really need help.

If you are interested, contact Matthew Schreiner or me and we can
connect you with a site.

It is time to stop lurc'n and start harvesting!


Re: Help Harvesting Fruit! Katie 8/16/13 11:35 AM
I would love to get involved, although I don’t have a lot of free time this weekend (but do going forward). I was wondering what level of commitment you need most at this point – do you need someone to orchestrate harvesting, or just people to come and help out? I have some, but not a lot, of experience with apple-picking, but would definitely be interested in helping to organize a few picking events and can volunteer my car to bring apples to other places. I don't have the ability to transport ladders, unfortunately.