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Spreadsheet or Data table pcr...@gmail.com 8/6/09 5:26 PM
The company I'm working for is wanting to transfer the majority of the
workload of construction plans/documents from CAD to SketchUp as its
easier for guys in the field to understand.  Seems to me that this is
the perfect application for LayOut, but the problem is that I've been
unable to import, nor create a usable spreadsheet or table.  These
tables are essential for what we do as they systematically list
everything that will be used on the site.  Not only do I need them to
show the information, but I really need to have the ablility to edit
them as well.  I tried to manually create tables using the LayOut
tools, but this has turned out to be very cumbersome and things don't
line up correctly.  I'm wondering if anyone can shed some light on the
topic of either importing or creating a decent usable table within
LayOut.  I read a previous conversation on the matter, but I wasn't
able to gleen much useful information that would help me solve my
problem.  Any ideas or directions to look would be greatly

Thank you


ps: are there any SketchUp/Layout tech help or consulting companies
that field questions over the phone?  Just a thought, but somebody
that really knew this stuff who had a phone number to call could
probably make a killing$.

thanks again
Re: Spreadsheet or Data table pcr...@gmail.com 8/7/09 8:48 AM

Hi Pete,

In relation to your query, we are such a company that you mentioned-
We provide consultancy services for SketchUp users, and would be happy
to discuss arrangements with your company for a support contract.

With regard to the spreadsheet problem that you mentioned- It is a
simple operation to insert an editable spreadsheet into a Layout

1. Create a text box inside the LayOut document
2. Copy cells from your spreadsheet program
3. Paste them into the textbox in LayOut
4. Resize the text box to suit- Cells are editable

Let me know how you get on with this- I may not have fully understood


Paul Lee,

Viewsion Ltd.

I got this email this morning,
 it seems to be a pretty good patch for my problem for the short term
as it allows for an editable grid to be placed,
but i'm still hoping for something in the near future that will that
will act as a simple spread sheet right on LayOut so that I won't have
do so much cutting and pasting when I want to make large, multi cell

Thank you very much Paul, and everybody else that emailed me.