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Sponsored Meetups Andreas Pauley 1/20/12 3:24 AM
Hi guys,

I've spoken to my employer about our group, and they are interested in
sponsoring the next meetup.
Basically they would like to pay for food and drinks at Bugatti's.
In return I just need to remind everyone that they are interested in
hiring talented developers who would like to work in an Erlang

How does that sound? Any objections?



Re: Sponsored Meetups Justin Kourie 1/20/12 4:13 AM
Andreas, I could never object to a free meal! Will this not open up a
door to abuse though? (e.g., most of the people in my office would want
to attend now!) :)


Re: Sponsored Meetups Andreas Pauley 1/20/12 4:47 AM
Yes, we wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds us :-).

We've talked about an upper limit, calculated roughly at 10 people.
So if there are suddenly way more people than usual attending it will
only be partially sponsored.

In general I wouldn't mind if we attracted a few more members that are
genuinely interested in fp, that is part of the goal of this group.
Maybe we could require a small Haskell program from each person an an
"entry fee", what do you think?

Re: Sponsored Meetups Justin Kourie 1/20/12 5:18 AM
That's actually not a bad idea. Force people to code... purge the
unworthy... ;)

I'm not against it in theory. As long as we remain focused on FP
and not recruiting (but I'm sure that's not what you had in mind).


Re: Sponsored Meetups Andreas Pauley 1/29/12 10:41 PM
Hi Justin,

Yes the focus should definitely remain on FP.
I've talked to our CEO and he said they would not want it otherwise.
In practice this means that they won't contact anyone directly.
Instead, anyone interested would be welcome to contact them.

I think we'll give it a go with the next meetup on STM (Monday 13 February).
And then everyone can tell me if we should continue being open to
sponsors going forward.