Grids, Forms, JQuery, MVC4 and KnockoutJs

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Grids, Forms, JQuery, MVC4 and KnockoutJs protactinium 5/12/12 12:48 PM
Hey all,

I start developing with the new APS MVC 4 and it looks very promising. There is different approachs and different tools that we can use.
My aim is to use the best practices and standards delivered by the ASP MVC community.

I'm trying now to select the right tools for our web application development.
  1. Default tools: this means using JQuery, JQuery UI, KO and Razor engine to render my webpages : grids, forms... This needs "hand-made" development. I can be interesting but it's gonna be time-consuming and not very straight forward for implementing advanced features.
  2. KendoUI: it provides a very interesting set of UI Widgets. It's based on JQuery core. It's more rich than JQueryUI and there is a JS library to integrate it with KO . 
  3. ExtJS : it's a very powerful JS library. It has a great community and has a wide range of widgets. The downside is that using it means leaving away default MVC tools and thus stop following MVC community best practices. 
Which approach could be the best ?

Hope to get your feebacks and advices on this issue.
Re: Grids, Forms, JQuery, MVC4 and KnockoutJs Mike 5/15/12 12:35 PM
What about KoGrid, it supports knockout directly and therefore supports two-way binding.
Re: Grids, Forms, JQuery, MVC4 and KnockoutJs Mike 5/15/12 12:38 PM
Also, for data access there's "entityspaces.js" (shameless plug) but it's MIT licensed ...  It supports XHR or REST API's, full hierarchical models, tracks row and column level dirty state, uses ko.observables for properties ...