Platform Update + Google Analytics!

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Platform Update + Google Analytics! VanillaSmoothie 1/18/12 10:37 AM
We're releasing a platform update today that contains a bunch of bug
fixes for the Treasure Hunt Template, some overall stability tweaks,
and an awesome new function for you to call.

With this update we've introduced a google analytics call that will
allow you to track things about your 3d app. It will automatically
show you how many people are in your app, what menus and buttons
people are clicking the most, and what zones people are using.

On top of that, you'll be able to use the Analytics_Track("page") call
within any of your menus to track anything else you want. Simply put
whatever you want in the "page" parameter and it will show up on your
analytics page with that string.

For more info on how to use google analytics, head over to