Twitch API mailing list migration

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Twitch API mailing list migration Mike Ossareh 8/27/12 3:39 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to invite you over to our Twitch API mailing list - you can join by going to:!forum/twitch-api

You can email the list using the address:

Going forwards this mailing list, i.e. the one, will be for questions pertaining to the JustinTV API. The Twitch API mailing list will be for requests about Twitch.

The JustinTV API will continue to return gaming related content for some time, but if you want the best API experience for gaming related content you are expected to change to the Twitch API. We'll promote changes, and roadmaps through the Twitch API mailing list, so to stay up to date with what we're planning and what we've recently completed then you should definitely subscribe.

If you have any questions, you can email us at :)


Re: Twitch API mailing list migration Mike Ossareh 9/10/12 10:32 AM
Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind the gaming users about the email below

This list will be for only questions as of December 1st - at which point all gaming related features of the will be no longer be maintained. To aid in that transition I threw together the following doc: