json-schema.org and online schema validator for draft03

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json-schema.org and online schema validator for draft03 ps 3/3/12 6:06 AM
Xample wrote:
> The current JSV fully implements the draft03.
> Personally I'm waiting for the json-schema initiator to move a bit forward and ratify
> their rfc, from this, many validators should then emerge…
> - Gary if you read me -
> I also did my own validator and I should say that json-schema really rocks! I'm not
> only using them for validating but also for unserializing documents,
> initing class with default values, overloading instances or parameters with
> schema described metadata…. A real pleasure.

Gary,   I'm looking for a simple HTML page with textareas for pasting
schemas and instances for validation.  Like this crude prototype that
shows that dojo fails to understand draft03:


Do you have such an HTML page based on JSV?  Or, can I help you make

Kris, or whoever runs json-schema.org,  what do you think of putting
such a validator on the site?   I'd be happy to help with this.

Also, am I confused about the site being a bit out of date?  It
appears to not have the latest draft on the site.  Maybe there is a
good reason for that?

IMO, the world would benefit from broader adoption of JSON Schemas.
To help that happen, json-schema.org could/should offer a more help in
understanding the spec with examples and simple tools.

What is your take on all this?

Re: json-schema.org and online schema validator for draft03 Nick Maynard 4/8/12 6:30 PM
Funny you should ask - I just implemented this at jsonschemalint.com, using Gary's JSV library...

Nick Maynard