[jruby-user] JRuby 1.6.8 LIVES...but depends on you!

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[jruby-user] JRuby 1.6.8 LIVES...but depends on you! Charles Oliver Nutter 8/6/12 12:24 PM
Ok, by popular demand we have decided we will spin one more JRuby 1.6
release in 1.6.8.

In order to keep JRuby 1.7 moving forward, we (JRuby core) will
probably not spend a lot of cycles backporting fixes from master, but
we're looking to community members to send us pull requests. David
Kellum started the process already by backporting a few dozen fixes
from master to our 1.6 branch here:

I'm verifying his version of 1.6 and will likely push the changes shortly.

We'd like to spin this fairly quickly -- like within a week or two
maximum -- so now is the time to get your favorite fix backported.
Here's my recommendation:

* Stick to small fixes. There have been rewrites of several classes on
master, and as a result recent patches will be harder to backport. New
one-off fixes are acceptable.
* Avoid 1.9 behavioral fixes unless they can be done simply. Master is
the path forward for 1.9 support, and lots of rework has already
* Your backports must be clean when running "ant test-extended", "rake
spec:ci_interpreted_18" and "rake ci_interpreted_19", at minimum. Like
I said, we're not going to spend a lot of cycles on bad backports.
* Ideally, backports should be one-per-pull request so we can discuss
and review them individually, but this isn't a strict rule.

JRuby 1.6 lives on the jruby-1_6 branch, so that's your target.


- Charlie

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