Chrome seek bug

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Chrome seek bug tpoxa 4/7/11 4:36 AM
I have the same issue. Does anybody know solution? Official demo works
great and this is strange.
Re: Chrome seek bug Mark Panaghiston 4/7/11 5:51 PM
This post is not attached to the rest of the topic...

So you do not give me much to go on....

Chrome used to have issues with servers that did not Accept-Ranges in their requests. For example, Chrome did not used to work with the Jetty 6 server. The default Google Application Engine server did not server media correctly to the Google Chrome browser... This was about a year ago though.

I thought that the browser had since reduced that reliance so it at least played the media and just downloaded it from the start since the server was limited in features.

Apache never seems to have a problem.

Best regards,
Mark P.
Re: Chrome seek bug tpoxa 4/8/11 3:08 AM
Yes, sorry. It is definitely server problem. Sorry for disturbing.

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