2.5.X - Illegal Form Characters

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2.5.X - Illegal Form Characters Nestor Ledon 8/10/12 12:04 PM
I'm making a login component and would like to include Joomla!'s illegal character stripping.

But i can't find it :(

Anyone know where it's at? This way I can either include it or copy-pasta the function, thanks.
Re: 2.5.X - Illegal Form Characters elin 8/10/12 10:25 PM
Jform automatically will use a strict input filter, but you can specify anything on the list in jfor or on the jinputfilter list by saying filter="whatever" in the xml.

Re: [jgen] Re: 2.5.X - Illegal Form Characters Nestor Ledon 8/10/12 10:33 PM
I'm not using Jform for my login process though. Never used it and ironically enough have never crossed the documentation for it. I just need the function or knowledge of the characters that are being split so I can mimic it.

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Re: [jgen] Re: 2.5.X - Illegal Form Characters Samuel Moffatt 8/11/12 6:37 PM
If you look at the filter in the JForm definition that should map to
JFilterInput closely and you can call the equivalent filter from
JFilterInput (or JInput).


Sam Moffatt