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iUI Website Video Updates Sean Gilligan 4/5/12 9:56 AM
Remi has updated the website with the following changes:

1) Put Rob McCormack's introductory video in a pop-up lightbox on the
home page (Meet iUI: "iUI video presentation" link in bottom left)

2) Created a screencast video showing iUI features to play inside the
iPhone image on the "Demo" page

I have pushed them to the staging site (http://site-next.iui-js.org/)

I think they're ready to push to the live site.  Please check them out
and let me know.



Re: iUI Website Video Updates Remi Grumeau 4/5/12 10:59 AM
Thx Sean!

Please people, test it on all majors browsers you can (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, Opera, ...)


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