Weird behaviour after adding new MODS form

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Weird behaviour after adding new MODS form John 5/4/12 2:12 PM
I have added a new form to a content model associated with the islandora basic image collection.  I built the form by copying and editing an existing MODS form using the form building tools.  I then associated the form with the content model and it appears fine.  The only change I made to the form was to add a field.  Now when I add images to the collection I can add information to the new fields but it is not saved.  If I go and edit the object after it has been added, I can add another instance of the field but it now has the value I included in the field when I added it to the form.  This default value is saved.

Have I followed the correct procedure for changing the MODS data associated with a content model?  Why would my new field values not be saved?  Is xml created on form submission checked against anything?  I have not included a schema.

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated.

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