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files zisez Leandro Castro 7/23/12 9:58 AM
Is there any max. size for the audio, pdf and video files that are inserted in each collection???

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Re: [islandora] files zisez Leandro Castro 7/23/12 10:24 AM
Perfect David, no i Just wanna to know if there is any restriction ot this kind to inform the users of my application about that, but as you tell me thers not any islandora restriction.

Thanks a lot!!!

2012/7/23 David Wilcox <>

Re: [islandora] files zisez A L 2/9/15 1:23 PM

What if I have file size of video more than 1.8GB? What are my options? Please advise.

Re: [islandora] files zisez Phil R 2/10/15 9:53 AM
I think there's a plupload functionality that should allow streaming uploads. I've never used it though.

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Re: [islandora] files zisez A L 2/16/15 2:17 PM
Hi Phil -

Could you please share a link? I would like to know ways to upload video file of size more than 1.8GB.
Re: [islandora] files zisez Melissa Anez 2/16/15 3:03 PM
Islandora Plupload is in discoverygarden's Github:

- Melissa