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Solr Client Problems Peter MacDonald 5/5/12 7:55 PM
RE: Islandora 11.3

There are several problems I have encountered in the box on the Solr Client for "Sort Field".


1. "Accending" should be spelled "Ascending"
2. "Decending" should be spelled "Descending"
3. When you select the radio box labeled "Accending" and save the form, the radio box reverts to "Decending".
3. More importantly, however, is that fact that the "Sort Field" option does not actually have any effect on the sort order of the Solr results.

Sort field: 
Results will be sorted on this field. If left blank will default to score
Sort Order:

To confirm that the "Sort field" in the form is not being processed, try setting "Debug" ON in the Solr Client and run a search. You can then see in the Solr search array dump that "sort" is not a parameter being used in the Solr search. I've confirmed this behavior on the current Islandora Sandbox as well.

  • solr query
  • Params:
        [facet] => true
        [facet.mincount] => 2
        [facet.limit] => 10
        [qt] => standard
        [hl] => true
        [hl.fl] => 
        [hl.fragsize] => 400
        [facet.field] => Array
                [0] => mods.genreLocal_s
                [1] => mods.languageTermText_s
        [fq] => Array
                [0] => mods.genreLocal_s:"still image"
                [1] => PID:HamiltonJapaneseComparativeFilm*
  • -----------------------

    Looking at two of the files involved in processing the form output parameters, namely,

    1. (and)

    I don't see that either one of these files actually processes the form's value "islandora_solr_search_sort_field" and adds it to the search.

    Have these problems been resolved in Islandora version 12?


    Re: Solr Client Problems Danny_Joris 5/5/12 8:15 PM
    Hello Peter,

    You're absolutely right. Thanks for taking the time to point this out. It has been discussed in the previous committers meeting. In the short term the plan is to remove it, but in the longer term we're also planning to change the way we process solr queries, which would include better support for sorting. In that case it makes sense to keep this functionality.

    Do you have a specific or immediate need for this?

    Re: [islandora] Re: Solr Client Problems Peter MacDonald 5/6/12 8:42 AM

    Our metadata librarian thought the records in the Solr results should at least be in title alphabetic order. Right now, the last object edited in Fedora appears at the end of the results set. That appears to her to be rather arbitrary -- I think I agree. It should at least be by relevance (&sort=score).

    In the library world we are used to being able to sort result sets in our ILS. I can't say this is an urgent problem for us, though, but it does deserve revisiting by the Islandora developer community.

    Thanks for replying,

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