Islandora 6 or 7?

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Islandora 6 or 7? Jeremy Echols 7/27/12 1:39 PM
If we're looking to put together a new system, would it be better to start with 7 so we aren't having to face an upgrade later, or is it still too early in the 7.x lifecycle?  Is there any timeline for when the Drupal 7 version of Islandora will be considered stable?

I'm doing some module work based on the basic image solution pack, and I'm getting the impression that 7 is still in the very early stages.  But I'm also finding that my lack of Drupal and Islandora knowledge is getting in the way a lot, so it's very possible that I'm just misinterpreting what I'm seeing here.

Re: [islandora] Islandora 6 or 7? David Wilcox 7/29/12 2:25 PM
Hi Jeremy,

The Drupal 7 version of Islandora is indeed at an early stage, but
we'll be shifting heavily into Drupal 7 development in August. We'll
be bringing all the current Drupal 6 solution pack functionality
(basic image, large image, book, PDF, and audio) into the Drupal 7
version of Islandora, and in many cases we'll be adding improvements
to these solution packs. The vast majority of new Islandora
development going forward will happen in the Drupal 7 version. In
terms of stability, we will likely have a full Drupal 7 release in the
fall as part of our regular release cycle.

Hope this helps!

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Re: [islandora] Islandora 6 or 7? Jeremy Echols 8/1/12 9:19 AM
This helps a great deal, thanks!
Re: [islandora] Islandora 6 or 7? Rosie Le Faive 8/27/12 2:19 PM
How's I7 coming? 

I've installed the 7.x Release branch from islandora/islandora, and the most recent commit was over 2 months ago. I'm wondering if I've got the right version, or if there's another public branch that the Drupal 7 commits are going to?


-Rosemary Le Faive