Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5

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Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5 Hardy Pottinger 4/12/12 8:36 AM
Hi, I'm following along with the installation instructions on the wiki [2], and I've come to the part where I need to install the Drupal Servlet Filter, and I've rummaged around in the islandora-deprecated repository[1] (followed the link from the wiki [2]). I can't seem to find a jar file designated to work with Fedora 3.5. So, I'm wondering, is there such a .jar file out there somewhere? I did a bunch of googling, and came up with what I think is a newer repository for the Drupal Servlet Filter [3], but I still haven't been able to locate a Drupal filter specifice for Fedoara 3.5. Am I just using too new of a version of Fedora? Or am I just making this too hard, and I just need to grab the most recent .jar file and ignore the 3.4 designation?

Re: [islandora] Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5 David Wilcox 4/12/12 10:22 AM
Hi Hardy,

The contents of the islandora-depricated/islandora-dist repo were
recently copied to the Islandora/islandora_drupal_filter repo, but the
contents have not been changed. I have updated the link in the

There is no JAR file specifically for Fedora 3.5 (as we have not fully
tested/implemented Islandora on Fedora 3.5) but based on discussions
from the group, the JAR for Fedora 3.4 should work. Take a look at
this discussion for details:

Hope this helps!


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Re: [islandora] Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5 Hardy Pottinger 4/16/12 9:34 PM
Hi, David, thanks for this pointer, I've attempted to follow the
instructions for installing the 3.4 jar here:

However, when I look at the web.xml file in

...Even though I'm using Legacy AuthN (confirmed by looking at
$FEDORA_HOME/install/, there is not a trace of the
elements that the above wike page describes as landmarks for adding new
elements under. There is no filter named XmlUserfileFilter, nor is there a
similarly-named filter-mapping element.

I'm not sure how to proceed.

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Re: [islandora] Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5 Hardy Pottinger 4/18/12 3:50 PM
Hi, I just thought I would follow up on this note. I am beginning to think that I need to stop using legacy authN, since the example David links to below does not appear to use legacy authN. Can anyone help me with setting up the Drupal Servlet Filter with Fedora 3.5 using legacy auhN? Thanks!


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Re: [islandora] Installing Drupal Servlet Filter for Fedora 3.5 Javier García (Genasys) 5/4/12 1:39 AM
Hi Hardy,
Have you found a solution?

I have a similar problem.

I am using fedora FeSL Authentication (authN) in 3.5, Drupal 6.25
I followed the instructions for configure Drupal Servlet Filter and when I use the java-based client for testing and I connect with Drupal user in the file fedora.log I get the next Error:  [http-8080-1] (AuthFilterJAAS) Login Failure: all modules ignored (in spanish in original). When I log in as user fedora I have no problem.

In Fedora Web page Use of Release 3.4.2 is discouraged for new repositories, so I'm on 3.5.

Can I have an error in the configuration? Using Legacy Authentication works with fedora 3.5.?

Any suggestions?
Thank you.