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Bug: passcode invalid

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Bug: passcode invalid Gargamel 11/27/12 1:57 AM
Hello, I'm trying to insert some passcodes into the game - I never used a single one (except for activation) and:

1) in the application I get a message "Passcode invalid."
2) on the web i got "ALREADY_REDEEMED"

I repeat - I never used a single passcode up to now and none of them works. Does anybody know what to do?
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Lorenzo Manghisi 11/27/12 7:29 AM
me too :(
Re: Bug: passcode invalid shivam malhotra 11/27/12 9:35 AM
Same here Invalid code on phone but Invalid Passcode on on PC
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Bryan Dery 11/27/12 9:35 AM
My friends are reporting the same thing right now...hope its temporary
Re: Bug: passcode invalid fenrhir 11/27/12 12:36 PM
Almost the same problem here : I've used half the passcodes I've found before changing faction. Those codes I've used, I do know they would not be valid again for me.
"Whatever, I've kept half the passcodes for after the wipe". Then I try to use the others passcodes. And says "Already redeemed" :'(
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Bryan Dery 11/27/12 12:41 PM
Happy I used everything. Maybe getting ready  for an open beta...?
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Jvcd 11/27/12 1:09 PM
I think when he says ALREADY_REDEEMED it´s  because it has already been assigned, but because of the previous error has not been shown that the acquired, check your xm or ap if it was equal.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Dale Floer 11/27/12 1:45 PM
A friend is also seeing this issue as well, including various RPC errors. I think they're having some sort of issues with it.
One of the errors was: "download error trying to access" and a few with "error with rpc.get_result()".
Re: Bug: passcode invalid SnApOlino 11/28/12 5:18 AM
Same on my side... only the message already redeemed ... and i got no items
Re: Bug: passcode invalid David Barnard 11/28/12 7:34 AM
It would be really cool if they were going to individualise the puzzles so everybody has a chance to solve them by themselves, getting a new answer. But I see no evidence of this.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid PsychoticSmiley 11/28/12 9:14 AM
I got the same error. Tried to enter some codes on the phone, got invalid code. Went to the website, and tried different codes including today's "ezekiel27w" and it said "Already Redeemed" at one point it did show "download error trying to access ""
Re: Bug: passcode invalid SnApO 11/28/12 9:20 AM
same situation in switzerland and on all my friends phone
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Pantomime 11/28/12 9:58 AM
I was having the same problem, so I emailed support and this is the response I got:


Passcodes may only be used a certain number of times collectively by all users before they are no longer valid. If the passcode you have is no longer working, it means that limit has been reached, and the passcode may no longer be used.

- NianticOpsBacon

The world around you is not what it seems.

Seems like some passcodes are no longer valid.  Hopefully they'll put in a better message other than 'ALREADY REDEEMED' in the future.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid David Barnard 11/28/12 10:06 AM
This is daft. Idiotic. Unworkable. Asinine. Other words meaning the same thing.

I am unhappy. I was trying to use passcodes strategically, but I just got screwed instead.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Dale Floer 11/28/12 10:35 AM
That seems like it's putting newbies at a distinct disadvantage against all of us who used a bunch of codes to get a bunch of items to level up quickly. A friend who recently started is struggling to do anything due to not having much in the way of items and few portals in the area. I half figured the passcodes where there to help people start out.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Gargamel 11/28/12 10:57 AM
that reeeeeeeally sucks as I was saving the codes and now I can't use them ... great :-/
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Vantius 11/28/12 5:13 PM
I agree with your comment about the codes helping players start out.  These codes are very useful in recharging XM when low or to gain AP when near the level up point.  If they are going to do this, then they should have clearly stated this to us in the troubleshooting section or put it in the game guide, not wait till later and say, Oh yeah, um I forgot to tell you but, ...
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Chris Guest 11/28/12 8:29 PM
It just makes it difficult for all the newcomers like myself who want to level up but cant because these intel passcodes are now limited and no one ends up being able to use them.
Either cap the amount of codes you can use or allow level 1 people to get at least 1 free code!
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Symbian 11/28/12 10:10 PM
so that means that unemployed bums and school kids get all the goodies and those of us that cannot monitor our phones 24/7 get screwed. i spent a whole week hacking portals and submitting for new ones. i deserve a goddamn code. If codes were open for all it would be an even playing field. if its closed after a certain number of uses, it gives advantage not to people that are engaged in the game, but people that are closest to a computer.(or never leave one). 
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Andrey Klinger 11/28/12 10:29 PM
Symbian - now it gives advantage to people who actually SOLVE the codes.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Manav Khattri 11/28/12 10:32 PM
enlightenment was the only code that I could use and using it again gave gave the message ALREADY_REDEEMED_BY_PLAYER 
while using any other passcode gave the message ALREADY_REDEEMED 

I also received two "media" files via hacking portals
are there any codes for these files?

- passcode for open files should be usable by all or limited to be used within a week from the release of the file.
- passcodes for files received via hacking portals should only be usable when you have that file in your items.

Limiting the no of times a passcode can be used is no good
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Symbian 11/28/12 10:43 PM
Andrey Klinger --
again.. people who have time to constantly be at a computer will be the first to solve these codes... we both know that there is extreme competition for the codes that are given. and they are posted online as soon as they are solved and eaten up quickly by lazy idiots.  you do not have a fair argument for those of us that can't access a computer at will and take the time to not read the wiki and try it ourselves.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Vantius 11/28/12 11:06 PM

Not all of these "lazy idiots", as you call some of us, have the technical ability to sift though the longitude and latitude points, read a site element's source code, unscramble letters and numbers, etc to find something that looks like a passcode.  With your view, only hardcore players or people who have nothing better to do with their lives will be the only ones with access to the higher level items, XM, and AP boosts and will cause another unbalance.  If you are at work, that has computer, what stops you from checking a wiki to see if a new code is posted and imputing it on the Intel Map, the when you get time, you can see how the code is derived.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Symbian 11/28/12 11:57 PM
Vantius, you have me wrong....

a wiki works for now...if you're fast enough. what happens when the game goes public and the people like i described before are in gargantuan numbers?  in this particular case, i was out of service for 4 hours and missed 4 codes. because i have a job. i'm not saying that preference shouldn't be given to code crackers, they deserve the credit. i'm saying that Google needs to give a chance to people that cannot attack a puzzle the minute it is released. "Lazy idiots" troll @ingress news or the wiki for codes.. .me included at times.
... admit it,.... you have done it;. maybe a registering process attached to your Google ID would solve the issue? (however create waaaaay more code for developers...)

my comment, although misinterpreted, was pertaining to the fact that if there is a finite number of pass code rewards, it will be quickly snatched up by the demographic of people that are by a computer 24/7.... of which a number have highly valued jobs, but is largely occupied by people with nothing else to do.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Gargamel 11/29/12 2:21 AM
Guys, which wiki do you speak about? I'm really pissed about this situation, first I was creating "arts" for Brandon for almost a week, then I had to request faction change (another week), then I had to request change of nickname and when it's all done I open this "bug" report, because codes doesn't work anymore ...
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Pernell Moore 11/29/12 2:21 AM
That's just what I was thinking. The same people will use all the codes. Personally I don't have time to do the cryptic code breaking required to figure out these codes everyday. They should just allow every player to use every code one time, exactly like it was before.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Manav Khattri 11/29/12 4:22 AM
Re: Bug: passcode invalid portalyst 11/29/12 4:32 PM
Symbian, at work most non-work related sites are blocked by the company,. I can't see google+, wiki, email, facebook, any forums, game sites...all blocked. IT security at companies is hard core these days. I can use my phone a during a break, but that is usually a few minutes here and there, just enough time to check G+ and my email and respond and make a quick post, but not enough time to lookup codes and enter them.

 I can't be caught with a game up on my cellphone at work, I work at a high professional level, people are by my desk all day long and would be impossible to hide, and if this games requires me to stoop to a level where I am sneaking into a bathroom to enter codes...absolutely no way I'm doing that just for a game, and I did try at lunch today and they were already gone.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Symbian 11/29/12 4:59 PM
neither can i. that is why i believe that the" first come first served" nature of these codes is unfiar to us people who cannot be glued to the ingress site all day
Re: Bug: passcode invalid James 11/30/12 3:12 PM
I think this is an extremely poor decision.  New players in particular are not getting the same bonus items older players did.  And you're hampering everybody's efforts to re-equip themselves, which can be rather difficult in some areas (if you didn't already know that).  Are you saying that limiting passcodes to one use per account wasn't enough to prevent abuse?  I would like you to provide the actual reason why the passcodes are limited use, not just state that they are.  Please justify this change.  Thank you.
Re: Bug: passcode invalid Chad Chadner 11/30/12 3:28 PM
It sounds like you just want to be rewarded for having done nothing.  Given the amount of time people spend solving puzzles, they'd be better off hacking around town if gaining resources was their primary goal.  It isn't hard to join the IRC channel where people discuss this stuff and help solve the puzzles rather than QQ about how you can't get a handout.  

Also, how were you trying to use them strategically?  I can't think of anything strategic you can do with a code other than punch it in and get a prize.  Here's a good strategy for all you lower level players than need help:

Ask people in your faction to help.  Just about everyone I know that over L4 is practically drowning in L1 resonators and L1 XMP.  You can drop items for a reason.

Re: Bug: passcode invalid Oliver Mak 2/3/13 5:12 AM
same as here too :(
Re: Bug: passcode invalid crfreaks"Level 2" 2/3/13 11:06 AM
Same Here "Passcode invalid." via Web and on the App. Was not able to collect anything from yesterdays mass passcode release.
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