Mystery white-flowering Impatiens from Uttarakhand

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Mystery white-flowering Impatiens from Uttarakhand Wojciech 10/5/12 10:50 AM
Dear Indian Flora Lovers,
in last several days I checked Impatiens posts on this forum.
post of Balkar!topicsearchin/indiantreepix/group:indiantreepix$20AND$20Impatiens/indiantreepix/t_Ug8wrSMDo and Prashant!topicsearchin/indiantreepix/group:indiantreepix$20AND$20Impatiens$20AND$20devendrae/indiantreepix/T2DHK_IIUh4 looks like the same species, with white flowers, rather short and wide open lower sepal, some yellow markings and red spots inside. Flower seen from mouth is rather high but narrow.
I have no idea, however, which species it is.
Dr. Prashant Pusalkar asked how many Impatiens species are known form Uttarakhand answered that about 30. I was able to track 28 taxa. Eighteen of these are different in important features, like flower color, spur lenght, flower dimensions, etc. I have no access to good enough descriptions of further ten species: I. cothurnoides C. E. C. Fisch., I. duthiei Hook. f., I. glauca Hook. f. & Thomson, I. inayatii Hook. f., I. jaeschkei Hook. f., I. podocarpa Hook. f., I. polysciadia Hook. f., I. reidii Hook. f., I. vexillaria Hook. f. and I. violoides Edgew. ex Hook. f. 
At the moment there are at least four possibilities for identity of this mysterious Impatiens: 1) this is one of "data deficient" species; 2) white color form of other species (but which?); 3) new record for Uttarakhand; 4) new, undescribed species.
I think the best idea is to ask Dr. Pusalkar for assistance.
Regards                     Wojciech
Fwd: [efloraofindia:133997] Mystery white-flowering Impatiens from Uttarakhand JM Garg 10/5/12 9:24 PM
Hi, Dr. Pusalkar,
May I request you to assist in the matter pl. ?


With regards,
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Fwd: [efloraofindia:133997] Mystery white-flowering Impatiens from Uttarakhand JM Garg 10/14/12 3:44 AM

Forwarding again for Id assistance please.

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Re: [efloraofindia:135811] Impatiens edgeworthii in Europe Gurcharan Singh 10/21/12 11:57 AM
Dear Wojciech

My photographs are already on Flowers of India.

I am attaching some more views from same population in Baramulla Kashmir, alt. 1600 m.

Here are my other uploads that may interest you:

In the mean time would it not be good idea to devote 2-3 days exclusively to this genus wherein members can upload all their collections Impatiens, to have them critically examined by you. Or else it may run concurrent with Brassicaceae week early November with separate subject line "Impatiens uploads:...................(name/ID code for unknown sp.) from ...............(place)" 

Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Retired  Associate Professor
SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007
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On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 10:19 AM, Wojciech Adamowski <> wrote:
Dear Indian Flora Lovers,
I. edgeworthii, coming from Western and Central Himalayas and rather rare in cultivation was found as spontaneous plant in Germany.
Baade H., Gutte P. 2008. Impatiens edgeworthii Hook. f. – ein für Deutschland neues Springkraut. Braunschweiger Geobotanische Arbeiten 9: 55-63. (in German)
However, there are some differences between descriptions in Flora of Pakistan and description given by German authors:
1) Nasir in FoP gives height 25-60 cm, whereas Baade and Gutte upto 180 cm!
2) Hooker f. gives color of flowers as yellow and red, Nasir as yellow streaked red in the throat, whereas Baade and Gutte give much broader spectrum: yellow, yellow-white, whitish and pale violet
3) Nasir gives two forms - one with bigger flowers and another with flowers much smaller
4) Some plants have flowers heavily streaked, some only very weakly (see pictures). Plant seems to be very variable.
If anybody has personal experience :-) with I. edgeworthii, please contact me


Re: [efloraofindia:135811] Impatiens edgeworthii in Europe Wojciech 10/21/12 12:40 PM
Gurcharan ji,
many thanks for your interest and idea of uploading Impatiens pics.
Please remember that I live and work far away from diversity centers of Impatiens (Poland) and have limited access to Indian floristic and taxonomic literature.
I can try my best, but I know only few species, big part of these only from pictures.
Best regards                  Wojciech Adamowski