please help on HTTP POST Method with JSON req body

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please help on HTTP POST Method with JSON req body Nagarajan Ganesan 4/4/12 9:10 AM

This is Nagarajan from Chennai, India.


I’m started learning HTTParty for calling web services.


Thanks for that gem.


Could you please send me any doc you have on HTTParty.


Also please let me know how to send json request body to HTTParty.


I have a below req. body:



"registry": {

"shippingAddressSource": "OTHER","futureShippingAddressSource": "COREGISTRANT",


"coRegistrantContactInfo": {"emailAddress": "","bestPhone": "9876543210","lastName": "<colastName>","firstName": "<cofirstName>","middlename":"optional",

"currentAddress": {

"addressLine1": "CORegistrant","addressLine2": "coreg2","addressLine3": "coreg3","state": "NJ","city": "New Jersey","postalCode": "20000","country": "USA"} },


"registrantContactInfo": { "emailAddress": "","bestPhone": "1234567890","lastName": "<relastName>","firstName": "<refirstName>","middlename":"optional",

"currentAddress": { "addressLine1": "Registrant","addressLine2": "reg2","addressLine3": "reg3", "state": "NJ","city": "New Jersey","postalCode": "10000","country": "USA" } },


"coRegistrantAddressFromRegistrant": "false", "isFutureAddress":"true",


"futureShippingAddress" :

{ "addressLine1" : "Future Shipping Address","addressLine2":"#2 address future shipping", "addressLine3":"#3 address future shipping",

"state" : "NY", "city" : "New York", "postalCode" : "94105", "country" : "USA", "attention":"attn-future shipping" },


"shippingAddress": {"addressLine1": "685marketst Orion Other","addressLine2": "shipping2","addressLine3": "shipping3","state": "CA","city": "Sanfrancisco","postalCode": "94205","country": "USA" },


"registryInfo": { "estimatedNoOfGuests": "95","eventDay": "30","eventMonth": "11","eventYear": "2020","eventLocationStateCode": "CA","eventLocationStateName": "California","preferredStoreID": "71","availableOnTheInternet": "true","publicRegistry": "true","goGreen": "true","registryType": "ANNIVERSARY","subscribeWeddingEmailSalesEvents": "true","couplesMessage": "Happy ANNIVERSARY!"} } }



I will be reading it from excel sheet and send it to service via HTTParty.


Consider that the above JSON req body is in a variable rbody, how can I get it executed via POST method?




Body: as above



client-id: test123



Can you send me the code sinippet in ruby for this.


I know I’m troubling you. Please help me.


Thanks in advance.