Issue with Rails & ForceSSL

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Issue with Rails & ForceSSL JasonGoecke 5/14/11 8:27 AM
I am using HTTParty to hit some SSL based Webservices from within a
Rails 3 app. It works locally without ForceSSL, but then when I deploy
to Heroku with a static IP and the ForceSSL middleware in use I get
intermittent issues:

Now, looking at the HTTParty source I see this error in:

raise UnsupportedURIScheme, "'#{new_uri}' Must be HTTP or HTTPS"
(request.rb in httparty. The uri function, line 43)

But, if I remove the ForceSSL and deploy to Heroku, everything is
fine. Further, the failure rate when deployed with ForceSSL is 50/50.
What could be throwing this error in HTTParty intermittently like this?