Suggested action after successful pinning

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Suggested action after successful pinning Ghostsigns 12/28/11 5:00 AM
I think it would be great if I was taken to the photo screen for the
photo I have just pinned immediately after pinning it.  This screen:,-0.138647/zoom:21/date_from:1840-01-01/date_to:2011-12-28/dialog:8230855/tab:photo_tab_content/

This would allow a quick check that everything appears as intended and
also provide the option to post to Facebook/Twitter immediately.

As it is currently the post-pinning options are to add new photos and
to see my photos which are just the same links as are always at the
top right (Pin and My Stuff).
Re: Suggested action after successful pinning Rebekkah Abraham 12/28/11 11:13 AM
we are doing some upgrades in the spring, one of which will be to allow easier posting to Facebook and Twitter straight after you have uploaded a photo. It will also make it clearer what photos you have just posted.