Small Glitch: Editing After Pinning

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Small Glitch: Editing After Pinning Ghostsigns 1/6/12 9:10 PM
When you return to a pin to edit some of the information it requests a
reconfirmation of the google streetview location even if this wasn't
something that you wanted to edit.  Test this by going in to change
the tags of a pin and then trying to confirm the changes.  The
streetview will open in edit mode when you don't want it too.  It
should just save the changes made and automatically keep the
previously entered geo/streetview information.
Re: [historypin-community] Small Glitch: Editing After Pinning Rebekkah Abraham 1/7/12 4:42 AM
We are in the process of redesigning the pinning and SV interface to improve the editing process so that the journey is clearer.

With the current system, although SV edit mode opens when you click 'save details and continue', you don't have to click 'record position' again. As long as you don't make any changes to the SV position, you can just click 'save details and continue' again. the changes you made to meta-data will be saved, and the original geo/SV information will be saved.--
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