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OAuth2 Chris Boden 1/22/12 9:20 PM
Hey Michael,

I saw your tweet asking bout OAuth.  I have experience working with OAuth2.  I've created a couple web api consumer apps the used OAuth2 as their authentication method, as well as written an OAuth2 class in PHP.  My lib is tied to Google, but it should be able to be made abstracted.  (https://github.com/cboden/gClient/blob/master/lib/gClient/Auth/OAuth.php)

If you have any questions about the OAuth2 protocol or need any help, I'm happy to pitch in.

Re: OAuth2 Michael 1/25/12 9:39 AM
Thanks, Chris!  I'll take a look.
Re: OAuth2 Félix Bellanger 1/27/12 12:33 AM
A small word on this thing, I made an OAuth 2 library to consume APIs and it uses Guzzle to make HTTP requests we could probably do it the other way around (add OAuth 2 support to Guzzle) anyway let me know...

Re: OAuth2 Michael 1/28/12 8:58 PM
Both of these implementations look great!  I think a mix of the two implementations would fix nicely in Guzzle as a plugin.

I'd love to have a Guzzle\Http\Plugin\Oauth2Plugin similar to the current Guzzle\Http\Plugin\OauthPlugin.  I think it would be awesome to be able to use Guzzle's web service features when accessing OAuth 2 web services by simply attaching a plugin to a client.

Guzzle doesn't currently have any plugins that require more than a single class.  If an OAuth 2 plugin would require additional classes, then I think the actual plugin file should be stored at Guzzle/Http/Plugin/Oauth2Plugin.php and any additional classes used with the plugin should be stored at Guzzle/Http/Plugin/Oauth2Plugin/.

What do you think?  Is this something either of you would be interested in collaborating on with me?

Re: OAuth2 Félix Bellanger 1/29/12 11:43 PM

Hmm, that way I think I can probably embed my library into Guzzle I'll do a fork this week during my spare time and I'll let you know.

Re: OAuth2 Chris Boden 1/30/12 6:30 PM
Michael, my OAuth class works in my lib as you described, it attaches its self to every request without the consumer knowing it.  I have no requirements if any of my code is used/taken.  Claim it as Guzzle's own.  :)

Félix, Michael,

I'm happy to help contribute in any capacity required.  Let me know if I'm needed for anything.
Re: OAuth2 Chris Boden 3/1/12 10:22 AM
Any movement on this?

I think I'll have some time to work on a project requiring OAuth2 and Guzzle.  I'll use a lib if it exists or create one for Guzzle if not.