[grassrootsmapping] on New Orleans

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[grassrootsmapping] on New Orleans Jeffrey Warren 5/5/10 3:37 PM
Oliver and I are in New Orleans now connecting with local orgs to get out tomorrow early on a boat and start imaging. Folks at http://www.healthygulf.org/ (Gulf Restoration Network) and LA Bucket Brigade have been very excited and we're hoping to piggyback on one of their expeditions. 

We're headed out now to buy helium and supplies but if anyone is in touch with folks who are headed out tomorrow morning and would be willing to take us as well, that'd be super.

Expenses are under control so far but some folks have asked whether we could contribute to gas or pay for boat transport, so to begin to defray costs we've put up a donation button on the front of grassrootsmapping.org and on our organizing page:

If any of you could spread the word, that would be wonderful; hopefully tomorrow we'll have our initial imagery which will make this easier, but I've also just spoken to CNN (thanks patrick!!) and that might help as well.

Re: [grassrootsmapping] on New Orleans Patrick Meier 5/5/10 3:39 PM
Awesome, very glad John from CNN called you up!
Re: [grassrootsmapping] on New Orleans ortelius 5/5/10 3:47 PM

Stewart is on his way tomorrow, and I am sending 10x Canon SD1000s
with him that are all pre-loaded with the CHDK and an intevalometer
script. Scale away!

Re: [grassrootsmapping] on New Orleans Gary 5/6/10 12:29 AM