[grassrootsmapping] summary of oil slick map thoughts

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[grassrootsmapping] summary of oil slick map thoughts Jeffrey Warren 5/3/10 1:51 PM
OK - 

I emailed a few local orgs (that i'd posted to the list earlier) to see if we can have a local partner. They'll know infinitely more about the situation on the ground and the needs. 

Then if we can get some funding together, (I'll chip in some) Stewart Long or someone else there for now. Kate will be there May 8th-12th, so basically we'd want to get a 4-day round trip ticket there from Oakland.

We should also reach out to local KAP folks. That's a huge expert community who could really help out, and beaches in general are good places to fly, no?

So the last thing is to unequivocally establish a need - this can most likely come from folks along the gulf coast, but we continue to learn about the open-access data situation.