Sharing Smart Queues

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Sharing Smart Queues 5/8/12 1:18 PM
I see some older posts about sharing smart queues.  Was this ever implemented and I can't find it?  Or is it something that was never done?

Basically I have a big Development Project/Task Queue that I manage with tags and assignments.

I don't want to share this queue out to all the developers, I just want them to see their piece.  So I've created smart queues for what each developer should be seeing.  It doesn't seem like I can then share that queue to that developer.

Is there a work around to this or another strategy if I can't do this?


Re: Sharing Smart Queues Roxy 5/9/12 6:30 AM

Could you do the opposite? Create queues for what each developer should see and then create a smart queue that gathers everything together for you.

Re: Sharing Smart Queues 5/9/12 10:51 AM
This seems to be what i am going to have to do but I tried it originally and it was a lot easier to navigate around a single queue instead of jumping back and forth.  I know it's a small thing, but when you're working with a ton of projects and updating them constantly throughout the day it was a lot easier for me to keep them in one single place.  Until I can share a smart queue this is probably what I need to do.