Gqueues - to slow for productive

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Gqueues - to slow for productive 5/15/12 3:58 AM

our company is working with GQueues but at the moment it is to slow for productive usage.
It takes 30sec and more to order a shared list by date with 12 entries, or u got a nagscreen and can try it again.
It feels like the hole Gqueues is slower than a month ago.
We test it with different Browser, always the same. Our connection to the Internet is 100MBit.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Re: Gqueues - to slow for productive Cameron (GQueues) 5/16/12 8:22 AM
Hi Carsten - 

Do you have trouble re-ordering tasks in other queues?  This sounds like an issue with that particular queue.  If you can let me know which one you are having trouble with I can investigate and get things back on track for you.


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