How to retrieve road slope

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How to retrieve road slope Edvard Busic 8/30/14 1:38 AM

Did you ever found a solution?


Re: How to retrieve road slope 11/24/14 3:13 PM
There are a few .gpx slope calculators online. Try and

On Monday, July 16, 2012 1:51:52 AM UTC-4, Alessandro Marchetti wrote:
Hallo to all, I'm new of the forum, and have a question, hope it has not been already discussed but I don't speak german.

Is it possibile to retrieve the road slope from the GPSies pages? The only thing that I find is the highness profile, but it is not so easy to detect the slope in every zone.
I use "oruxmaps" to record tracks on my android cell phone, and slope data are collected too, but they are not exported to GPSies. It would be useful to have the possibility to see the graph of the slope of a certain route, even if it is created by hand on the map, or imported from google hearth or from an app like oruxmpas. Is it possible?

Best Regards, Ale.