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Slope data Alessandro Marchetti 7/15/12 10:59 PM
Hallo to all, this is my first post, and I hope that this argument has not benn discussed already. I made a search in english and didn't find anything.

Is it possible to retrieve road slope data from the GPSies page? I don't find this data, even if the track is created by hand or imported from google hearth or from apps like oruxmpas.

About oruxmaps: I use it to record my tracks, and I see that it records slope data too: is it possible to export them to GPSies?

Mfg, Ale.
Re: Slope data Klaus, 7/23/12 11:50 AM
Hi Ale,

sorry, it is not possbile to read slope data. Could you please upload an example file (I have no idea, what slope data are).

Cheers, Klaus
Re: Slope data Alessandro Marchetti 11/2/12 5:15 AM
Hi Klaus, sorry for the delay in the answer.

First: You can find a GPX file esported from Oruxmaps.

Second: Some sites provide the slope data of the track, example: 
I don't know if this data is stored in the GPX file or it is calculated by the web site software on the base of distance and elevation.

Best Regards, Ale.

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