Guidestar vs. IRS

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Guidestar vs. IRS Kevin Clark 6/11/12 7:37 AM
I am beginning the application process for my church. We are listed on Guidestar as a non-profit, but are not listed on the IRS database. I'm assuming we're not listed on the IRS database because we have not submitted the proper forms, although as a church we are not required to do so.

The question is whether the listing on Guidestar will be enough, or do we need to fill out the correct forms and submit them to the IRS even though churches are not required to do so? 

Re: Guidestar vs. IRS ginabeans 6/14/12 3:09 PM
Hi Kevin,

As listed in our eligibility guidelines, you will still need to be listed in the IRS database as a 501c3 org in order to qualify for the G4NP program.