Develope GWT with Netbeans

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Develope GWT with Netbeans tommax1083 5/19/06 7:00 AM
I wanna develope my web application using Google Web Toolkit and
Netbeans. I need make a package named:

    * myapplication.client
    * myapplication.server
    * myapplication.public

for develope my web application. When I wanna make package named
myapplication.public Netbeans don't make it.
If I create manually folder named public I can create package named
myapplication.public, but when i wanna write a file into this package
netbeans can't permise it.
If I create manually file in a folder myapplication/public
I can edit with Netbeans myclass, but when I compile Netbeans tell me
that there're an error.

Can anyone help me?

ps.sorry for my english.

Re: Develope GWT with Netbeans Marco Slot 5/19/06 7:16 AM
Step 1:
Create a project folder in your GWT folder, lets say:

Step 2:
from your GWT folder run: projectCreator -ant build -out

Step 3:
from your GWT folder run: applicationCreator -out
projects/myapplication myapplication.client.MyApp

Step 4:
in Netbeans create a new projects and choose 'Java Project With
Existing Ant Script', press next

Step 5:
Set Location to the myapplication folder created earlier
Set Build Script to the build.ant.xml file created by projectCreator
Set Project Name to something more appropriate

Step 6:
Open the project properties and under Java Sources click Add Folder.
Select the projects/myapplication/src folder and press OK

Step 7:
Under the project is now a folder named src containing the right class
packages and some dummy Java/HTML/XML files. Get coding!


Re: Develope GWT with Netbeans Scott Blum 5/20/06 9:08 PM
Hi Tommaso,

If you try to put .java or .class files into a package named "public"
it won't work, because "public" is a Java keyword.  GWT uses the
"public" folder by default as a place to put only static files and
resources.. things you'd expect your webserver to serve up directly
over HTTP.  Hope this helps!