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regarding GeoChart ToolTip Sachin 5/7/12 6:33 AM

I am using google Visualization GeoChart API.

I have a problem in ToolTip hiding and filling the custom color in the
specified regions.

Following is the code.

var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
    ['United States'],

  var geochart = new google.visualization.GeoChart(
   var options = { width: 583, height: 291, colorAxis: { colors:
   options["legend"] = false;
   options["datalessRegionColor"] = '999999';

  geochart.draw(data, options );

As you can see there is only one column in DataTable ie. country.
Still when the map is rendered and I hover the mouse over the
specified contries , atooltip appears specifying the Name of the

I Want To hide This ToolTip. How is it possible?

And i want to specify custom color in #xxxxxx format to those
countries.. How can I do it..

Pease help as I have searched a lot regarding this but didnt get any

Re: [visualization-api] regarding GeoChart ToolTip EZChart 5/7/12 8:39 AM
1. There's no option in GeoChart for hiding the tooltip. However, if you are ok with removing all interactivity from the chart (no highlight effect and no event triggering), than there's a workaround - add an empty div on top of the chart.

2. The color options do not work when there's only one column in the data table of GeoChart. This is a bug. The workaround would be to add another column with an identical value for all the rows.

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