Export google chart to PDF.

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Export google chart to PDF. Nikhil Agrawal 4/1/13 9:35 PM

I want to export a page containing many google charts to PDF. How can it be done ?
FYI -- I am using PHP as server side language.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Export google chart to PDF. asgallant 4/1/13 10:39 PM
There is no way to directly export the charts as a PDF, but you can convert them to png images and import the image files into a PDF.  The code for converting them to images is here (note that it only works in Firefox or Chrome).
Re: [visualization-api] Re: Export google chart to PDF. Nikhil Agrawal 4/2/13 5:43 AM
is there some other charts which provides this functionality of exporting to pdf ?

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Re: [visualization-api] Re: Export google chart to PDF. Vibol Teav 11/10/13 6:05 PM
Talking about others charts, you can have a look at HighCharts http://api.highcharts.com/highcharts#exporting