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Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 4/20/12 1:58 AM
I have a website with Google +1 Button (canonical) XHTML 1.0 strict W3C
It was working fine and counting up to 120 in 6 month. One day it stopped to count and went down to 10.

After reading a lot in forums and different codes, I'm trying to get help here.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for my English
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Jenny Murphy 4/20/12 10:45 AM
Hi PC-Health,

Your +1 button is set up correctly enough, so your markup is not the issue :)

Sometimes the +1 count can drop, for example if users return to your page and remove their +1 or if +1's previously recorded were found to be invalid for some reason.

The first place I'd visit to cross-check this is Webmaster Tools. Set it up for your domain. Does the +1 count recorded there match the button?

Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 4/20/12 5:12 PM
Hello Jenny

Thank you for your answer.
I could see all +1s (something around 120) in Webmaster Tools until some weeks ago. Then it droped down step by step to 10 and history is visible just for 6 weeks (15. March 2012) The button is on site for 6 month.
Yesterday I reworked the code and could give one +1, so it shows 11 now. But when some body clicks the button it shows 12 until reload page, than it drops down to 11 again - click again, drops down to 10 - click again it shows 11.
Very strange... it does'nt save the update.

You want me to post some sreenshots from Webmaster Tools, or you can understand, what I'm trying to explane (bad english may be...)

Thank you and best regards
Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 4/20/12 7:53 PM
Here are screenshots from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Re: Google +1 Button count issue Jenny Murphy 4/23/12 3:49 PM
Hi PC-Health,

Thanks for posting the details.  If Webmaster Tools and the count on the +1 button agree, this is almost certainly caused by +1's that were either removed by the users, by +1's that were later determined to be invalid or some combination of both.

Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 4/23/12 4:43 PM
Hello Jenny, thank you for your answer.
I don't think that the +1 were removed by users... Most of the users are customers from Cristiane-Festas and they have accounts on Orkut to give +1 - and account on Facebook to "like" the website (not Facebook profile) "Likes" she has over 1000 and its every day more, so why should +1 go down by user?

Jenny, I opend a new Google account and +1 the website: It goes from 11 to 12. Reload the page - return to 11. In the Google+ Account shows, that I +1 the website with description and thumbnail everything... the +1 button is red when I'm logged in, but it does not update my +1. Webmaster Tools does not show this new +1 but Google Ananlytics shows.

I'm not the only one with this problem - I found this thread here:!topic/google-plus-developers/zDo553kiIHI

So I'm really interested to fix this problem, because it looks not very professional over 1000 FB likes one side and 11 +1 not going up other side, even the customers click the +1. :-(

Thank you and best regards, Wolfgang
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Jenny Murphy 4/24/12 8:31 AM
Hi PC-Health,

Google Analytics will often updated faster than Webmaster Tools and the +1 button itself (especially if viewed while logged out). 

Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 4/25/12 1:36 PM
Hello Jenny

Today I spent the whole day trying to fix this: Change the codes, try to +1 with different accounts in different browsers, +1 from other sites, from here: --> No way.
It counts one up, after reload counts one down. New click one count more down, new click one count up. In two cases from many, many clicks it goes 2 up and it saves.

Let me ask you Jenny: Is there a way from Google to fix this problem? Of cause I will pay for this fix. I just need to get this +1 working.
Re: Google +1 Button count issue jack tipu 4/29/12 2:50 AM
Re: Google +1 Button count issue photodesign 4/30/12 9:57 AM
My button stopped responding for about two months. Clicks accumulated on webmaster tools - about 180 - but never updated on the site. Suddenly they started moving again, and it's been months, but the webmaster tools count is still 180 more than the count shown by the button. None of these explanations accounts for the gap.
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Jenny Murphy 4/30/12 4:23 PM
Hi Photodesign,

Can you share a URL of a page where you're seeing this count discrepancy?

Re: Google +1 Button count issue photodesign 5/1/12 9:43 AM
Currently shows 654 +1s, but Webmaster Tools show 822. They were perfectly in sync for a few months, then the count on the button didn't move but the WT count continued to move for a couple of months, then they started moving together again.
Re: Google +1 Button count issue ikarus 5/7/12 9:37 PM
Hello Jenny,

I have exactly same problem, my googleplus counter dosent working...
It was 150+ like 3-4 months ago but in one day its goes step by step like 130, 100, 70, 40, 20, 10 and now just 3 and when i click on button its not going up actually its shows 4 for 3secs after that when i refresh the web site its going back to 3 again.
I'm using joomla 1.5 on my company website the domain name is
I try almost everything for fixing this stupid problem but its same and i cant fix it this is reason i'm writing here and also i opened a topic for it.
Believe we need really help about this subject. I love google products and i want to use it on my website but this problem is just killing me...
Btw, i uploaded test.html on my root folder for testing purpose its still same without joomla automation.
I dont want to use stupid facebook like button its so childish please help me...


1 Mayıs 2012 Salı 02:23:58 UTC+3 tarihinde Jenny Murphy yazdı:
Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 5/9/12 7:32 AM
Hi Mehmet

Yes, the same problem! I gave you +1 and it goes up to 4. After reload page, it droped down to 3 again...
But nobody has the solution :-)

Regards, Wolfgang
Re: Google +1 Button count issue ikarus 5/9/12 5:24 PM

Yes it is the problem and i dont know how can i fix it, I have huge coding and computer skills but i can not fix this stupid bug really i'm being crazy...
I hope the developers fix it, because problem has google side not my or my hosting company i'm sure because i tried everything to fix this problem still same... Its looks like we can not send the plus vote datas to googleplus server or its looks like we have read only access and we dont have write access...
I really dont know...


9 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba 17:32:17 UTC+3 tarihinde PC-Health yazdı:
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Jenny Murphy 5/10/12 8:27 AM
Hi Again Wolfgang,

We're investigating yours too :)  Hang tight.

Re: Google +1 Button count issue ag 5/30/12 6:51 PM
Is this issue resolved? I seem to be having the same problem all the time. At this point I am freezing all my google+ advertising. I can't keep justifying the expense of promoting google+ maybe better to wait a year until things stabilize or if this feature will stick around. All my websites are affected by this problem :(
Re: Google +1 Button count issue SoulClapTV 5/31/12 2:13 AM
yes same problem here, i had over 69 button counts on my website i had them for like 3 months and last week only 3 counts. it seems like google is deleting them, cause i took a look at the webmaster tools section closely and 13.05.2012 69 counts one day later only 3 counts. even the new 1+ button counts getting in but the next day they gone again, please google fix the problem
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Mike Schmidt 6/5/12 11:46 AM
My site is also having this problem, but only for certain pages. Others work fine. It's really weird and annoying.
Re: Google +1 Button count issue Bradford Folkens 6/5/12 12:32 PM

We're having an issue similar to ikarus, where our Google +1 count was increasing at a good pace until 3/28/2012 when it slowed dramatically to only about 1 every several days as shown in Webmaster Tools.  Since the reports there only go out so many days we're losing the history that shows this, but I've also taken some screenshots in order to document it before it slides out of view.

Re: Google +1 Button count issue Bradford Folkens 6/5/12 12:40 PM
I should add, the main URL for the site is
Re: Google +1 Button count issue PC-Health 6/11/12 3:31 PM
Hello Jenny

I'm still hanging Jenny... :-) Any news for this +1 count issue?
Or please could some one test the +1 button, if it's working now? I would appreciate!
It looks so ugly: 1100 FB Likes and only 13 +1 clicks, just because this thing does not work :-(

Thanks, Wolfgang
Re: Google +1 Button count issue photodesign 6/13/12 10:28 AM
FWIW, I have never had a report back on this issue - same discrepancy I originally noted is still there. My button count is advancing, but the 180 +1s from when it wasn't (actually now it's 160) are still shown in webmaster tools, but not in the main site count. 6/14/12 7:47 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google +1 Button count issue sathya v 6/14/12 7:49 PM
Hey All,

This may be due to the profiles get deactivated/deleted from where you get +1's. So when your count drops from higher number to lower the button count is getting frozen. 

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