GWT build process in Eclipse

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GWT build process in Eclipse Brad 5/8/12 9:48 AM
Does anyone know exactly what happens during the build process in GWT Eclipse plugin or of some documentation which explains it?  The below posts hint on this subject but don't seem to seek a "how it works" answer.  Rather they just end up with a solution that mysteriously works.

For example if one considers the StockWatcher tutorial and one selects run as Web Application something happens and we get a url that just works?   In contrast if I have an Eclipse project that uses ANT I can look at the build.xml and know exactly what is happening.!searchin/google-plugin-eclipse/build$20process/google-plugin-eclipse/vSS38islB-8/w7emtCTlwCcJ!searchin/google-plugin-eclipse/build$20process/google-plugin-eclipse/IFk0oMPwt2A/5FsKfNtPON0J!searchin/google-plugin-eclipse/build$20process/google-plugin-eclipse/b55SBsgX5P4/xFLBhnftDNcJ

thank you