Google Maps Engine Service Updates - 1/13/2012

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Google Maps Engine Service Updates - 1/13/2012 Dylan Lorimer 5/22/12 3:53 PM
Greetings GEB community. A list of user-facing GEB changes with today's update follows.
  • WMS GetCapabilties will now pass back the user-supplied auth-token for use with subsequent GetMap requests.
  • Launch of MapsDataLayer Javascript reference docs and the associated Javascript library for displaying GEB layers (public and private) on a Google Map.
  • A new "getting started" overlay for first time users.
  • Automatically generated thumbnails for vectors re-enabled on all accounts.
  • An updated look for Google Earth Builder that includes a new aesthetic consistent with Google's new UI standards*.
  • An updated data specifications article for supported data formats, sizes.
* We'll continue to iterate on this for the next few weeks, and until then you'll still find some widgets that are in the old aesthetic.