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Comments from reviewers Steve Jaszczak 5/7/12 11:37 PM
This is not a criticism of's just that I'm trying to take everything on-board.

A number of times now, I have had edits approved/published but with additional comments like "Please verify number of lanes.  Please refer to this link for help..." and "Please verify road surface.  Please refer to this link for help".

In all cases, I have used my "best guess" based on the imagery available.  I'm talking about quite rural areas in developing nations here so I have no local knowledge.  I have read the help links and used them to assist my judgements on things like road surface (which I see a lot of people don't bother when they seem to leave every road on the default of asphalt even though it is clearly NOT asphalt!)...yet I receive these comments quite regularly on my approved edits.

Presumably they wouldn't approve if they weren't happy with the edit...or are they expecting me to go back and change it?  I don't want to annoy any of the reviewers by not fixing something they feel needs to be fixed.  Or do they leave these comments for all new map makers regardless of the quality of their edits?


Examples: & - Here I was just extending the road.  No way for me to verify the details asked for. - Here I drew a small road.  The reviewer is asking me to verify the surface type...but I still think it's a dirt road.  Am I wrong?  If I am wrong, why was the edit approved?

Like I said...I'm not criticising anyone.  It's just that these comments aren't clear to me as the new guy.  Maybe everyone gets these comments though?
Re: Comments from reviewers Rahim 5/25/12 4:25 AM

Hey Steve,

Apologies if this has inconvenienced you. We appreciate your time and efforts in enriching maps. I understand how it feels to get these comments despite making a correct edit. The reviewers leave these additional comments on the edits just to confirm if the added details are correct in order to ensure quality on maps. (Believe me, the comment does not mean your edit is incorrect.)

However, the comment in the third link provided here was unnecessary as this segment appears to be a dirt road. I’ll make sure that appropriate feedback is provided to the reviewer in question.