U.S. Financial Markets Summary Gadget gone!

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U.S. Financial Markets Summary Gadget gone! Roger.E...@gmail.com 4/9/12 8:25 AM

For several years now, I've used Matt Kruse's U.S. Financial Markets Summary gadget as a prominent feature on my iGoogle homepage.  This morning, instead of my usual EXCELLENT summaries of the DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P 500 markets, I saw a link to a message from Karolina Netolicka of the Google Finance group that asked that the gadget be taken down.  The gadget itself, alas, is GONE.

I don't know of an equivalent replacement for the functionality offered in that gadget, and would like for Google to re-consider its request.  I liked the gadget a LOT and very much regret that Google has seen fit to request its removal without offering equivalent functionality.

Thank-you -


Re: U.S. Financial Markets Summary Gadget gone! Karolina (Google Finance Product Manager) 4/9/12 8:40 AM
Hello Roger,

You could try the Google Finance Portfolios gadget:

I'm sorry you were affected by the removal of the US Financial Markets
Summary gadget.

 - Karolina

On Apr 9, 11:25 am, "Roger.E.Mil...@gmail.com"
Re: U.S. Financial Markets Summary Gadget gone! Roger Miller 4/9/12 9:26 AM
Thank you, Karolina ... that worked perfectly!


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