'edit transactions' won't accept changes

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'edit transactions' won't accept changes merlin777 6/5/12 11:09 AM
One of the companies in my portfolio (arcontech plc) won't update shares and price information.
I enter a number of shares  in the shares box and a price in the price/amount box and I click on 'save changes'. When it goes back to the porfolio screens this information is still missing.
Any idea what's going on?
For some reason the shares box displays with '.00' i.e. to 2 decimal places but of course you can't have a fraction of a share (they all have '.00' after the whole number). What's going on there?
I assume the shares price is in pence and not pounds but theres no indication - am I correct? Also, is the dollar value in $ or cents?
Sorry to ask so many questions but just started with google finance and the help pages are a bit skimpy.