Symbols for Defunct, Bankrupt, or Purchased Companies

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Symbols for Defunct, Bankrupt, or Purchased Companies da9iel 5/11/12 5:00 AM
I recently (accidentally) deleted some old transactions from my portfolio, and since they seemed to be lost forever, I decided to rebuild everything using old statements from my IRA.  I'm having a little trouble adding transactions for a company that was sold about 5 years ago.  Its ticker symbol is no longer recognized by Google, and adding it just throws an error.  I know what company purchased it, but I have no idea how to reconcile its price history with my portfolio.  I suppose it's possible that the company's ticker still exists somewhere but is changed slightly, as is done with bankruptcies, but I haven't been able to find any information to help.

I'd really like my portfolio to go back as far as possible, but I'm stumped with how to add old data.  I've considered just adding and subtracting appropriate amounts from cash, but it would leave out any dividends that I received, and I don't actually have all of that data handy.   Does anyone have any suggestions?