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Cannot access project ILIYA Taushanov 7/23/13 7:50 AM

I can no longer access my project WinSetupFromUSB on Google Code:

Is there anything I missed or I need to do?

I. Taushanov

Re: Cannot access project Azahar Sheikh 7/24/13 2:32 AM

me too cant access
that site
Re: Cannot access project Mike Williams 7/24/13 5:41 AM
This project was banned for hosting .rar files without corresponding source files

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Re: Cannot access project 7/24/13 8:45 AM
And the whole project got banned because a few small RAR files (one active, a few deleted/depreciated), which are just updates, part of the project?!

Since I started this free project, years ago, it helped millions of users, for free. Thought Google Code would be a good place to host it, due to the friendly interface and bug tracking system.
Reading the T&C I could find, can you tell me which part of them was not followed?

I. Taushanov
Re: Cannot access project Mike Williams 7/24/13 12:02 PM should be used to host open-source projects for collaborative development. Not hosting the source code prevents collaboration
Re: Cannot access project 7/28/13 5:59 AM
I got that, thanks. Still cannot find relevant T&C part, but is it seems there is really no point of any dispute.

Why is my account is restricted to accessing other projects? Can this restriction be removed? I am taking part every now and then in a few other projects, reporting bugs etc.
Re: Cannot access project 10/8/13 6:05 PM
Would anyone please remove the restriction to accessing other projects?