Any chance of an API for Application Settings?

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Any chance of an API for Application Settings? doright 4/30/12 11:59 PM
I have a multi-tenancy paid-for app, that I've been running in production for 18 months now. In the last few months I've been tweaking the runtime configuration to get the best performance for my buck.

I think I've found a fairly optimal solution, involving some idle instances, max instance, reserved hours etc etc.

My clients are generally European based at the moment, so I find myself turning my idle servers on for a European day, and off again at night.
This is a manual chore I'd clearly much rather do without, as its time-consuming and error-prone.
I don't intend to spend any less money, as my budgets are already set according to my client-numbers, I'm just optimising the response times they get based on their time-zones.
I'm sure I can't be alone in wanting such automated configuration, and I'm hoping it would be fairly simple to implement.

Question is, are there any plans to release an API for control of these settings?

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