Google App Engine community support is moving to Stack Overflow

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Google App Engine community support is moving to Stack Overflow Ikai Lan 2/6/12 6:17 PM
Hi App Engine Developers,

In the last few years, the Q&A website Stack Overflow has become an invaluable tool for developer communities. We’re pleased to announce that we are migrating to Stack Overflow as the official channel for answering development questions about Google App Engine.The google-appengine group will remain open for general discussions and announcements that are better suited for the groups format.

We believe that Stack Overflow is better platform for sharing knowledge and answering support questions given its larger community, de-duping of similar questions and contributor reputation system. We also expect that App Engine developers will be able to contribute and benefit from the wider range of language-related information not specific to App Engine. In addition, due to Stack Overflow’s use of OpenID for account management, developers will not need to create a new account to participate in the discussion - developers will be able to log in with any of the identity providers supported by Stack Overflow, including Google Accounts.

We plan on deprecating the App Engine language-specific groups, namely google-appengine-python and google-appengine-java. The google-appengine-go discussion group will continue to remain open for at least as long as the Go runtime is in experimental status.

The Python and Java groups will be placed into read-only on March 5th, 2012. While answering technical questions, we will begin nudging developers to ask their questions on Stack Overflow using the google-app-engine tag.

Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns about this announcement.

Happy coding!

- Ikai Lan, on behalf of the App Engine team

To centralize the discussion, this particular thread will remain locked. If you wish to discuss this change, please do so on the pinned thread in the main google-appengine group.