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ADMIN: GMail-Users List Rules Bill 1/6/06 1:01 PM

Some changes have occurred in the owner/moderator status of Gmail
Users.  Since these changes have occurred we have decided to post the
rules of the list.  These rules will be amended as necessary and
reposted regularly.  We appreciate your co-operation.

Gmail-Users Moderating team:  Ryan, Grace, Keith, Remi, Webby, Adam, Zack,

Gmail Users Rules:

1) Please check the archives prior to posting as your question may
already have been answered:

2) No invite requests and no invite available postings.  A small
signature indicating that you have Gmail invites available is
acceptable.  Free invites may be obtained at
http://groups/ [gmailinvites-subscribe @ ] or at
[ giveandtake-subscribe @ ]

3) No inappropriate or foul language permitted.  This list is
accessible by all ages.

4) Meta-Discussions on list are not acceptable (meta-discussions are
discussions related to the operation of the list) .. these questions or
comments may be directed to the owners/moderators at:

5) No postings of competing lists or groups.  Again a small signature
indicating such lists is acceptable.

6) Keep signatures to a small size.  Excessive signature size will
result in the messages being rejected.

7) Please keep quoting to a minimum but quote necessary text so that
your reply makes sense.  Refrain from single word replies and "me

8) Stay on topic.  This list is to discuss Gmail and Gmail issues and
issues directly related to Gmail.  Browser and email program
discussions (when directly related to Gmail) are acceptable, but
discussing the merits (or lack of) of browsers and email programs is
off topic and therefore unacceptable.

9) Owner and/or Moderator has the final say on all issues.  If a topic
is closed by the moderator then please respect that decision and do not
post further.  All further comments on that thread will be deleted.

Important Addresses to remember:

Posting Address: [ gmail-users @ ] Owner Address:
mailto: [ gmail-users-owner @ ] Owner/Moderator Group: mailto:

[ gmods @ ]

Unsubscribe: [
gmail-users-unsubscribe @ ] List Information:
mailto: [ gmail-users-help @ ]

Website Address:

New members are moderated at Gmail-Users  If you wish to be set to unmoderated please send mail to unmoderateme  @ ] or contact the list managers.
rev: Jan 6, 06
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Re: ADMIN: GMail-Users List Rules collinsauve 1/12/12 10:49 PM
Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

in case that gets truncated, it was (gmail-use...@
Re: ADMIN: GMail-Users List Rules The Doctor 1/13/12 5:56 AM
Yes... Google Groups removed this feature some time after those rules
were posted (Jan '06).  There is a link on the groups web page to send
a message to the owners/moderators and we'll get it and be able to
respond, if appropriate.

- Doc

On Jan 13, 1:49 am, collinsauve <> wrote:
> Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
> in case that gets truncated, it was (gmail-users-owner @<>
> )