Struggling with notifications and interface issues

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Struggling with notifications and interface issues mrplow 6/13/12 1:18 AM
I really love the idea behind glassboard. I have two boards, one for my friends, one for family. With it being cross platform it's great to reach everyone at once.

But the notifications only ever seem to work when I've come completely out of the app. The notification banner and list in app never updates are I've read a comment I have to touch each one to clear it. I also have to manually refresh a page to see new comments.

So it works but it all seems really clunky. I really really want to like and use the app and have actively got friends an family to get it.

If the notifications were a little slicker and the comments view behaved a little more like the the iOS messages app when you send multiple messages it would be fantastic. At the moment you really have to work at it too much which detracts from the easy, free flowing of information it's designed for.

I've uninstalled, re-installed etc but no change to it's behavior. Are there any updates on the horizon?
Re: Struggling with notifications and interface issues Jenny 6/18/12 9:32 AM
Mr. Plow,

We're always working towards improving the app, including how
notifications work.

To be clear, the notifications in the app only clear if you tap on
each one, not if you tap on Mark All as Seen? We've also had people
request that notifications clear as you scroll by a message (instead
of tapping to clear it). Is that something that would clean things up
for you?

Thanks for the feedback

Re: Struggling with notifications and interface issues mrplow 6/18/12 9:37 AM
Sorry I wash't very clear was I?

But that's it exactly. As I can't be sure if I've seen them I have to go into each in turn.

If they auto cleared when you scrolled through the feed that problem would go away yes.

LIke I say, I love the principle of the app it just doesn't quite 'flow' yet.

I use Tweetbot for Twitter, if Glassboard had a similar feel it would be perfect.