ggplot2 0.9.2 released

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ggplot2 0.9.2 released winston 9/5/12 1:19 PM
Hi everyone -

ggplot2 0.9.2 has been released! The source and binary versions should
be available on the CRAN mirrors by now.

Your existing code should continue to work, although you may receive
warnings about functions that have been deprecated. Replacing them
with new versions is easy. Here are the changes you are likely to

* opts() is deprecated. You can simply replace it with theme() in your code.

* theme_blank(), theme_text(), theme_rect(), theme_line(), and
theme_segment() are deprecated. You can replace them with
element_blank(), element_text(), element_rect(), and element_line().

* Previously, the way to set the title of a plot was opts(title="Title
text"). In the new version, use ggtitle("Title text") or
labs(title="Title text").

These functions were renamed so that the names would make more sense.

There are also a number of enhancements to the theming system that
make it easier to modify themes. If you'd like to learn more about
more about it, see:

Dennis Murphy is also writing a detailed document on the new theme
system, which should be available in the next few weeks.

This version was the first to have a release candidate stage. The RC
was available for one month, but wasn't widely announced. For future
releases, we'll probably announce the release candidate on this
mailing list so that more users can test it out before the final

Below is the list of changes in the NEWS file for ggplot2 0.9.2:



* The theme system has been completely rewritten. (Winston Chang)

* The functions `theme_text`, `theme_line`, and so on have been renamed to
  `element_text`, `element_line`, and so on.

* The `opts()` function has been renamed to `theme()`.

* To set the plot title, use `labs(title = "...")` or `ggtitle("...")
  instead of `opts(title = "...")`.

* Elements are now just lists of properties, instead of functions that
  return grobs.

* Theme elements now can inherit properties. For example, `axis.title.x`
  inherits properties from `axis.title`, which in turn inherits from
  `text`. The inheritance tree is stored in ggplot2::.element_tree.

* Theme objects can now be added to each other with `+`, without a ggplot
  object. There is also a new `%replace%` operator for adding theme
  objects together.

* Vertical and horizontal grid lines can now be controlled independently,
  with `axis.grid.major.x`, `axis.grid.major.y` (and the same for minor);
  `axis.ticks.x` and `axis.ticks.y`; and `axis.line.x` and `axis.line.y`.

* The `size` property of theme elements can be defined relative to the
  parent objects, using the `rel()` function.


* ggplot2 now uses the external gtable package instead of internal gtable

* The condition that set parameters (e.g. `colour = "red"`) could only be of
  length one has been relaxed - they may now be of length one, or exactly the
  same length as the data. Recycling is not done because it makes it harder to
  spot problems. This makes `annotate` considerably more flexible. (Fixes

* `stat_contour` is now somewhat faster

* new stat class `stat_ecdf` that shows empirical cumulative distribution
  function. (Kohske Takahashi)

* Dependency on `gpclib` removed, and `fortify.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame` will
  now use `rgeos` if available - this is particularly useful if you're not
  able to use the non-free `gpclib`.

* `ggsave` now supports emf output files.

* all "template" plots (`plotmatrix`, `ggorder` etc) have been deprecated and
  will be removed in a future version. These plots are poorly tested and
  poorly supported and really belong in a separate package.

* The default guide for continuous color/fill scale is now colourbar.
  (Kohske Takahashi. Fixes #555)

* The arrowhead of geom-path and geom-segment with `arrow = TRUE` is
  now filled with the same colour as the path.

* The algorithm for calculating breaks locations has been changed from
  `pretty_breaks()` to `extended_breaks()` from the 'labeling' package
  by Justin Talbot. (Winston Chang. Fixes #580)

* `scale_type`, the function used to pick which type of scale should be
   used for a given type of input variable is now an S3 generic. That
   means that if you want to add a new default type of scale you can
   provide a method - it should return a string giving the name of the
   scale to use (e.g. "continuous", "discrete", "date")

* When there are multiple guides (legends), the order that they are
  displayed can now be controlled manually. (Kohske Takahashi. Fixes

* When a scale for a given aesthetic is added to a plot more than once,
  display a message indicating that the first scale will be replaced.
  (Winston Chang. Fixes #518)


* All geoms and stats now document their aesthetics. (Thanks to joranE.
  Fixes #447)


* `scale_x_continuous` now respects `na.value` (Fixes #522)

* `geom_map` now correctly uses set aesthetics (e.g. `colour = "green"`)

* Setting breaks outside the limits of the x or y axis no longer causes
  errors. (Kohske Takahashi. Fixes #552)

* `facet_locate` no longer evaluates unneeded expressions. (Winston
  Chang. Fixes #565)

* `annotation_map` now gets group id from munched data. (Winston Chang.
  Fixes #568)

* `geom_raster` now supports alpha. (Kohske Takahashi. Fixes #596)

* Both axis lines are now drawn above the plotting area panel.
  (Winston Chang. Fixes #585)

* The jitter resolution is now correctly calculated when the data
  does _not_ include zero. (Thanks to Karl Ove Hufthammer. Fixes #572)

* Legend icons for `geom_boxplot` now display linetype. (Kohske
  Takahashi. Fixes #608)

* Facets now appear in the correct order when layers with different
  factor levels are added. (Winston Chang. Fixes #543)

* Distances in polar coordinates are calculated along spiral arcs,
  instead of straight-line distance. (Winston Chang. Fixes #471)

* `fortify.SpatialPolygonsDataFrame` now uses the correct ordering.
  (Charlotte Wickham. Fixes #434)

* `stat_vline` and `stat_hline` no longer throw errors when
  `xintercept` and `yintercept` are passed to them. (Winston Chang.
  Fixes #624)